Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Sucess sometimes comes in small packages.

Of Maltesers.

And larger packets too.

Just a very quick post to say that there was an uncomfirmed sighting of a novel event reported at a cinema in Bristol tonight. I went to see The Kings Speech (which is most excellent by the way, I can see why it's scooping all the gongs), and as we didn't have much time between work, eating dinner and going to the cinema, I didn't have time to go to the corner shop and buy the bottle of Diet Coke and small pack of Maltesers I'd been intending to take with me. Once at the cinema, I bought my diet soda, but was at a loss as to what snack to have. Not ice-cream - it goes to quickly and I wasn't in the mood, and they only do the share-size packs of sweets. Eventually, I agreed to share Hannah's pack with her with a sense of impending doom (no way was I going to only have half, never mind just the equivalent of a small bag).

But there it was at the end of the film .... a bag that still had sweets in the bottom. And amazingly, I ate far, far less than half of the rest. I am confident that I didn't have any more than the original portion I'd aimed for.

Wonders will never cease - I somehow slowed down and prevented my hand from making the constant meander from bag to mouth.

The rest of the day has gone equally well - I've eaten on points, done a spin class in my lunchbreak, and stayed well away from the tin of Roses chocolates that were bought to the office. I decided that not having any was better, as I'm not good once I get started. But I did enjoy an afternoon cup of chai latte from Starbucks with some of my spare points.

Feeling good about myself.


Seren said...

Well done you - fabulous that you're feeling so positive. And great NSV with regards to the Maltesers, because a) they're gorgeous and b) something about the cinema seems to encourage a mindless hand to mouth action for the duration of either the film or the food. Perhaps it's subliminal!!

PS - Saw The King's Speech at the weekend and I also thought it was amazing - Colin Firth definitely deserves all the plaudits.

Lexie said...

Trying to convince Mr B to come and see it with me, I think it's only fair!!!

Well done with the maltesers restraint! I doubt I could have been so strong!


Victoria said...

Well done, I don't have that kind of will power so don't have any snacks at the cinema so good on ya, you have such good control.

Going to see The Kings Speech on Saturday with the hubby :-D

Peridot said...

Woah - much respect on the Maltesers indifference. And as we know, they're lighter than ordinary chocolate so you can eat them as a ballerina and stick rock a pair of white tights and a leotard (perhaps you should have been watching Black Swan?!)

Thanks for jeans reassurance!


Love Cat said...

Well done! Having an open bag in front of me and in the dark when I can convince myself there more sweeties left than there really are is a recipe for disaster.

Love that smug feeling you get when you've done better than you thought you would.