Friday, 21 January 2011

Mostly a success

That’s me at the moment – mostly successful.

I’ve lost just over another lb this week, which is great, and brings me just another small step closer to my end goal.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll definitely say it again:  I’m happy to lose slow and steady, just as long as it is steady.

I tracked everything this week, which definitely counts as a success.  Weeks when I don’t allow myself to cheat with my tracking are generally weeks which are successful.

I did, however, allow stress to get a little bit the better of me yesterday.  I was pretty good good all day at work yesterday, and whilst I did have a square of home-made brownie, I considered how it fitted into my day before I had it.  Conscious eating = excellent.  Where I fell down a bit was my incredibly rushed exit from work to meet friends for dinner (not even kidding about how I power-walked home and threw on the closest clean clothes to hand before sprinting out again) – if someone had put a vat of wine in front of me when we reached the bar, I’d have gladly dived in, fully dressed and all.  As it was I had a couple of glasses of wine, and then we went to a gorgeous restaurant called Old India for dinner.  The food is to die for, and (no shocker here) caters Indian cuisine, which as we all know isn’t the most diet friendly. 

By now, I was somewhere between being in a total “fuck-it, I’ve had a bad day” mood and a warm and fuzzy cloud of wine.  I chose exactly what I wanted off that damn menu and savoured every last little mouthful.  Actually, not strictly true.

I ordered king prawns with an saffron and almond sauce and sesame seeds, and we ordered sides to share between us – peshwari naan, pilau rice, an amazing mushroom dish and another type of bread call paratha that came stuffed with veg.  I ate all my prawns, but stopped picking when I was full – there was still quite a lot of amazing sauce in my bowl, and naan, paratha and mushrooms left to spare.  I might not have ordered healthily, but I ate healthily, and I’m sure this is going to be one of my key behaviours going forwards – eating (key word coming up here) a little of what I fancy.

I’ve had another diabolical day at work today, but eating remains on track.  I’ve noticed that I’m starting to treat my lunch a lot more like fuel than an object lesson in emotional eating at the moment.  It was another session of Brutality at the Gym today, a.k.a. personal training with Rob, so I split my lunch to eat an early sandwich an hour and a bit before I went, and my yoghurt when I got back, and that seemed to work well.  Training was hard today, but I like that he targets everything around my personal aims and I actually feel both pushed, and like I’ve achieved something.

Today’s session was high intensity interval training on the rower for 10 mins followed by upper body weights and then about 25 mins straight of abs / core circuits.  Ow, ow, ow!!!  I’ve also now got a fancy laminated card that has my gym program for the next couple of weeks on it, so I have no excuse, and I’ve also been told to get my ass out there running again.  Yes, Boss!!!

Back at work, I did a little more conscious eating, and after a consideration went for a small fruit salad this morning – who says habits can’t be a little flexible????

My motivation feels great today!!  I’m gunning for a third week solidly on track and another loss.  I feel like I’m getting motivation from all different sources at the moment – from my upcoming races, from friends, from my trainer, more immediately from wanting to look good my best on my next date, from the slightest peek of the sun still being above the horizon at 5pm last night, from feeling good about treating myself right and also from the satisfaction of knowing that I’m succeeding right now!  Even with dinner out last night and wine, all it meant was that I’d used all my activity points for the week, but I still wasn’t in deficit.

I have no mini-goals right now, no way points on the way anymore – it’s all about getting this done and getting all the way to goal now.

How’s everyone else’s New Year motivation doing????

p.s. today’s treat was courtesy of Jaffa Cakes – I loves me a little daily treat of some sort, dependent on points being available.  Sort of a bright point in the evening to savour something that feels naughty as I unwind.

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