Monday, 24 January 2011

Hard to believe ….

…. but there it is in my tracker … another weekend on plan!

I’m learning to live my life and still lose weight – although I was working all yesterday, I ended up at an impromptu dinner party last night and thoroughly enjoyed beef bourguignon, 2 slices of lemon drizzle cake, red wine, champagne, white wine and some very posh chocolates.  But in moderation.  I ate well the rest of the day, and I was so glad I’d taken my own lunch to the office, when the free lunch picked by the team was Indian – as tasty as it looked it would have knocked me right off course.

Today I actually ended up with an unexpected day off work as I was told yesterday I wouldn’t be needed.  With nothing planned, it’s been a bit of a catch-up day – I had a bit of a lie-in this morning (much needed when you’re working extra days in the office and long hours with it) and then dragged my sorry ass out for a run.  Rob (my trainer) has decreed that I should start running again – partly for the upcoming runs in May and June, and partly because it’s the best calorie killer known to man, woman or beast and will help with my weight loss – so running I went.  It wasn’t a particularly great run, but it was 5k in the tank none the less.  Only the second run of the year, but with rather a lot more to follow.

I’ve also been baking today to take to work tomorrow to cheer up my over-worked colleagues.  I actually screwed up the first batch of cupcake bases, so had to do a second set.  But I did eat 2 of the un-iced bases from the ruined batch that were ok.   In the interests of remaining completely honest with my tracking I sat down to work out how much the actual recipe is in Weightwatchers points …. and here’s the surprise:  the bases are only 4 points each ….. the icing however is another 5 on top!

Anyway – I was very organised earlier and sat down and planned my meals for the week and then did the food-shop.  Annoyingly, I thought that would make it loads cheaper, but it was still pretty pricey (grrrrrr to ever inflating costs of living!), but I do have a fridge chock-full of good food and a meal-plan for the week to help me continue on track.

Time for bed now to face yet another working week!


Hetty said...

Great idea to do the meal-plan. I'll try that as although I'm buying stacks of healthy stuff I'm wasting way too much by not using it in time.
Well done for being so motivated and managing to have fun at the same time as staying on track!

skinny latte said...

Meal plans are an ace idea! They really do keep you on track, and also help for when you have a brain fart at 7.30pm and can't think of anything easy and healthy to cook :P If you've already planned it then half the work is done.

Well done for being so motivated and have a great week! xx