Thursday, 27 January 2011

Shouldering the burden

Do you ever have one of those moments when you find yourself in the middle of something with a feeling of surprise? The how-did-I-get-here syndrome?

Just such a thing happened to me at about 25 to 2 today as I found myself mid-shoulder stand with my knees on my forehead and feet hovering just off the floor behind my head.

If you'd have asked me this morning if I could do a shoulder stand, I'd have undoubtably told you "no". But there I was in my lunchtime yoga class doing them. And not too shabbily at that.

I'm not sure I've ever been to a pure yoga class before - lots of Body Balance but not straight yoga. I gave it a bash today, and I enjoyed it, although by golly, it's quite hard! When it got to the shoulder stands I stopped myself thinking about it too much and just tried it. I got surprisingly straight up in the air, and I managed the scissors and the legs to the floor behind my head stuff pretty well.

There will be a lot of advanced moves that I still won't be able to do, but it was so nice to make that one realisation of how things have improved.

It's been another hideously long day otherwise, but I'm on plan and still remaining resolute in eating right and working out where I can.

A late evening conversation with some of the girls I work with might have turned me up a new yoga companion as well as a new running buddy. We're going to investigate the possibility of the showers at work so we can go for a lunchtime run once or twice a week. Rob (my PT) will be proud! :-)

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