Thursday, 6 January 2011

Avoiding the pitfalls

Hellooooooooo my lovelies!

Can you believe it? Another good day under my belt. It's almost like I'm on some kind of roll! Or even a diet! Actually, scrap that - I hate that word. I stick my tongue out at it and blow raspberries (mmmmm .... raspberries ..... I'm easily distracted).

Anyhoo - yes - another day of no snacking, all pointing, sensible but tasty eating goodness. Just to clarify though - when I say "no snacking", I mean no rubbish mouthfulls of stuff, not my proper snacks eaten at sensible points during the day. My fruit and veg intake is up. Rubbish intake down.

Annoyingly, the scales aren't quite reflecting that, but I shall ignore them (and blow loud raspberries at them two, maybe even flick the finger in their general direction .... oooh, I'm such a rebel!), because I know for once, that I'm honestly eating the way I should. They'll figure that out eventually.

Since I've been busy the last couple of days I haven't worked out since my slow, slow run on Monday, so it's time to give myself a proverbial ass-kicking again. Any time the gym texts me to see if I'm still alive is probably time for me to get down there and show my face. Consequently, my bag is packed under my desk and I'm heading to Body Combat straight after work tonight. Yay - I haven't done Combat in forever!!!

I still haven't had time to get to the supermarket for a proper shop, so I've stocked on lots of veg from the local shop - dinner tonight is already sorted. I also remembered the joy of exercising after work is that I can have a slightly bigger lunch to fuel it - healthy of course, but tasty, tasty, tasty.

That's all from me really - tomorrow's my official weigh in day, but I don't expect to be showing any big climb-downs from my current high yet. That's ok - I'm happy to just keep up the good-eating. I'm being vigilant over my bad habits - last night I had to remind myself that dinner would only take a few minutes to reheat, so there was absolutely no need to go sniffing out snacks from the cupboard. Not that I have any, as the cupboards are deliberately pretty bare at the moment, but it's still a familiar habit that needs breaking. Getting there slowly!

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Kathleen said...

Good job on kicking the junk food habit!