Thursday, 22 July 2010

Accountants can't count

That's a shocker isn't it? By an error on my part I ended up 1 point over yesterday. Not really time for panicking yet though, I think you'll agree.

My eating plans were all on track yesterday until after counselling. The plan at that point was to jump in the car, rush over to Worcester, meet my friends at the cinema where they'd have already bought my ticket and go straight into the film with my chicken wrap, my popcorn and my bottle of water in my bag. No time for temptation at the concessions kiosk, and eating my wrap would help satisfy my normal behaviour of eating at the cinema.

Instead, I got a phonecall from Jon just as I was wrapping up my session to say that Inception was fully booked and we were going to see Toy Story 3 instead, an hour later.

On the upside that meant I actually had time to get to Worcester without having a coronary / several speeding fines / missing the start of the film. On the downside it meant I now had to queue for half an hour at the screen (the showing was also fully booked), and within the siren-call of the concessions stand.

I caved. Sorry guys. I knew I had 4 points left, and the sweet, sweet call of Ben & Jerry's was too much to resist. Or at least I chose not to resist it. By my calculations I had enough for a scoop of icecream and a scoop of sorbet in a cup, rather than my snack-pack of popcorn. Very nice too.

Just minorly disappointed that the particular icecream flavour I'd picked turned out to be 4 points a scoop, not 3. So 5 points all in all.

A little annoying, but certainly not the end of the world.

I'm in that second day of post-workout muscle ache today, where it actually seems worse - I certainly got a workout on Tuesday! I'm going to hit the spin class tonight though, so I'll still earn some bonus points. I'm aiming to stick to my food points for today, which will mean even with that irritating little point from yesterday, I'll still finish on a positive number of points for the week. Yay!!!

The scales are slowly shifting downwards this week. It's nothing spectacular, but it is steady. I'm telling my inner voice that wants faster results to just shut up and be patient. I'm expecting to be able to report a loss from last week, and maybe some tape measure movement too - just don't expect it to be anything too amazing :-)

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judyqofk said...

Wow! you can take chicken into the movie with you AND they sell Ben & Jerry's at the concession stand? I am living in the wrong country!