Sunday, 25 July 2010

Improving but not yet perfect

Hey kids,

So the story of this weekend is that I'm a few points over my daily limits, as I was last week, but the operative word is "few". Less, in fact, that last weekend, and that was the best weekend I'd had for ages.

It's been a challenging weekend in terms of Weightwatchers, so I'm mostly proud of how I've done. This is how it's gone down so far:

  • Friday - started well, but I received a last minute invitation to dinner with friends Kate and Martin in the evening. Pizza Express ended up being the venue selected, so I did a bit of digging on the menu online before I left so I knew my options. I was driving, so that prevented any drinking dilemmas. Luckily, it was actually Jo who rescued me in the restaurant, because everyone ordering before me at the table had got a starter ... arrrrghhhh ... throwing my plans right out the window!!! As I was frantically umming and ahhing over what would be healthiest, Jo ordered next to me, and announced that she wouldn't be having a starter, which neatly set a precedent and let me off the hook. Result - I ordered from the Leggera menu, and managed to save 4 points for the day.
  • Saturday - the plan yesterday was to go to a beer festival and summer fete local to us and meet up with a big group of friends. After a nice long lie in the morning, and a low points breakfast and tea, I walked the couple of miles to the pub for a bit of exercise with Sid, Sue and Andy. Having pretty much a whole day's worth of points to use, I was able to enjoy myself a bit, and had some chocolate cake and a roll from the hog roast and still be on track. Things went a little awry at the end of the evening though when the gang stopped for sustenance. I stayed in the car to avoid temptation from the chip shop / late night store - no chocolate or cheesy chips for me! Yeah right. I was fine until they put the bloody plate of chips in front of me back at the flat. 6 points over in the end.
  • Sunday - guilt is a great motivator to get your ass down the gym on a Sunday morning. Yep - 10 this morning I was sweating it on the cross trainer, followed by a self-taught spin session. I went off to meet the girls for a late lunch after .... toast with low-cal jam for brekkie, snack pack of pop-corn after the gym, healthy pasta with garlic bread for lunch .... and a sneaky dessert. Mmmmmmmmm - toffee waffles - soooooooo good!!! Not leaving me much left for dinner, but since we didn't finish lunch til 20 to 5 - I'm not going to need much. I've save a couple of points today, so I'm happy.
That's the weekend. We spent much of this afternoon sorting out packing lists for Costa Rica and transport arrangements for the first week. Just one week of work left to go now!!

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