Friday, 30 July 2010

Hangover hell

So, my lovelies, I am now officially an unemployed layabout, and soon to be surf-bum.


After a stupidly busy day yesterday, I zipped out the office a little early to go check into my hotel, tart up, and taxi back into town.

Long story short - I had a LOT of drinks bought for me - double vodkas, tequila slammers, beer, more vodka, cocktails, shots. I'm feeling faintly nauseous again just thinking about it! You've guessed it - without really noticing it, I was absolutely hammered.

At about midnight it all caught up with me and I called time and took myself off back to the hotel while I was still standing. A good job really as, without wanting to put you off your dinners, I was hideously ill shortly afterwards. I may have passed out / slept in the bathroom for a bit, before dragging my weary carcass to bed.

This morning?


Good grief - I've not a hangover like that for a good long time! I managed to have a shower but had to go and have a lie back down for another half an hour afterwards because I was so dizzy and nauseous. God knows how I made it into work and through the first hour or so!

I could hardly face eating, but I also thought part of the reason I felt so awful was I'd effectively not eaten since yesterday lunchtime, given I lost my dinner. I had planned on treating myself to a cooked breakfast this morning but honestly couldn't face it, so nibbled my way through a toasted teacake with butter and a bottle of fat coke instead. It still took me an hour to manage just that.

It is thus clear that I am an idiot. Having all my drinks bought for me last night meant I lost control of what I got and lost my usual pacing and intermittent non-alcoholic drinks.

There were plus points to the night - I managed to pick something healthy for my dinner, even though I was relatively sozzled by that point, and I didn't clear the plate - I stopped when I was full. I also had a great night chatting absolute bollocks with lovely people.

I've also left work with £50 of Cotswold Outdoor vouchers and two rather nice bottles of wine - good times!!!

The cakes made it to work yesterday, and although I was starting to panic that I'd gone completely overboard and made far too much, they were all gone by 3pm. Many, many compliments gratefully received - maybe I should open a tea trolley when I'm unemployed after my trip! :-)

It's been a stressful couple of days. Hell, it's been a stressful week, but I'm through it. Sad to have left my team, excited for the adventures ahead, and with a temporary sense of anti-climax- what-the-hell-do-I-do-now with my week off ahead of me.

Food the last couple of days hasn't been bad. I had one of my own cakes yesterday, but I pointed it. I was somewhere over points yesterday due to the never-ending flow of drinks put in front of me last night, and I've tracked that (as best I can remember), but I don't really know the true impact given I then threw up rather spectacularly a few hours later. Today's been fine too - I tracked my hangover breakfast, and I've just got to decide what to have for tea now.

Weigh in tomorrow - tune in for the tears and tantrums!

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My Wee Life said...

Yikes. At least you will feel better soon! Been there, done it, got the sweatshirt!