Thursday, 29 July 2010

We are not amused

I'm having a tough couple of days. The scales froze after the weekend - stuck just below Friday's weigh in and not going anywhere, which I put down to salt after eating out since I was otherwise on my points.

I had a great food day on Tuesday and a really tough circuits class in the evening, so unwashed gutted when the scales shot up 2 lbs yesterday morning - literally so upset that I'm doing all this work and not getting anywhere. I was in positive points for the week, had worked out 3 days consecutively and I was up? How was that fair?

Still I plugged on. These last couple of days have been manic as I try to work out, see friends before I go travelling and meet work deadlines, plus bake all my cakes for work. I've been in the kitchen every spare minutes of the last couple of days, and past midnight 2 nights in a row trying to get everything done. So yesterday's food was brilliant until I got home. Unfortunately at that point, I got in after counselling, spent an hour in the kitchen working frantically, and then had to run out to meet friends and didn't have time to eat.

Instead when my friend jokingly gave me a bag of Haribo as a leaving present I ripped into it and ate most of the bag. I pointed it - 8 points for a whole bag (not as much as I thought actually) and I had pretty much all of it, so I tracked 7 points - not exactly the best day's food ever, although I was only 1 point over at the end of the day.

I felt terrible later though - back in the kitchen at midnight icing cupcakes, I massively crashed and nearly passed out. No food + Haribo + lots if diet coke = insane blood sugar hump.

Amazingly, I didn't rip into the cakes I was finishing - I packed them up and took myself to bed before I passed out.

Unsurprisingly after yesterday's food the scales haven't dropped any so I'm still stuck back up at 12 st 12 lbs again - not quite where I started 2 weeks ago - but massively frustrating as I've been on my points for the past 2 weeks and aside from yesterday I've been eating well and working out.

I'm STILL not giving up though - I'm eating lightly today because I have my leaving drinks this evening and we'll be eating out too. I've had one small piece of my own cakes which I've pointed. I've moved my weigh in day back to Saturday as I'm staying in a hotel tonight so won't have scales access tomorrow morning - I'll just keep trying to make this right.

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Runnergirl said...

Sometimes I think I'm reading my own blog but then I realise I'm not cos yours is far more interesting!! I'm stuck at 12st 12lb too. I've been pretty good this week and managed to put on too. All I can say is stick with it because you may see the results next week.

Seren said...

Awwww. You're doing so well at the moment try not to let the scales upset you too much. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it takes a while for all our good work to catch up with us but the point is, if you keep doing what you're doing it WILL be rewarded. If weighing yourself is making you miserable then focus on some other positive part of eating well - like being fit, your clothes fitting right, all the proud feelings you get when you come in on points. Eventually, the scales will be kind.


PS Hope the counselling is still going well.