Friday, 16 July 2010

Spinning along

Sometimes the unplanned workouts turn out to be some of the best. I wasn't much in the mood to exercise last night but driving home I convinced myself I'd do something. It looked too windy and rainy out to make running a temptation, so I thought I'd head to the gym instead.

I happened to arrive just as the spin class was starting and Tim yelled across the gym that I should hop on the spare bike. I ended up having an impromptu spin class which was pretty good (although I'd forgotten how much of a difference cleated shoes make!), and then ran afterwards because that's what I'd been intending to do anyway. 60 mins of good cardio - 40 on the bike and 20 running.

I think my heart rate monitor went a bit loopy somewhere along the line as it had my max heart rate clocked at 238 afterwards, which is ridiculous. I've never seen it above 190ish, so I think I either got cross-talk from someone much fitter nearby (the lady next to me was wearing one too and was obviously training hard for something as she'd done two back to back classes and carried on after the session) or my chest band wasn't sitting properly, but it was still a good 600+ calories of burn.

Eats were good yesterday - I was pretty much perfect on my points and even negotiated a film night at the boys without diving in the crisp bowl.

Looking back over my week's tracking I've been pretty good (for me, in the scale of my eating the last 6 months) - I've been either on target for my weight loss points, or within the boundaries of maintenance points for the whole week, which is pretty much a record for me recently. It's therefore more than a little disappointing that the scales have held steady all week and then gained 2lbs overnight for my weigh in, making me heavier than last week.


Why would you do that to me?

Even if I'd been on maintenance points all week that shouldn't have happened, but I've been below that.

Grrrrr. Instead I felt bloated this morning for no reason (no not that time of the month). Guess I'm just going to have to keep behaving and add a little more effort besides.

I'm heading to a friend's wedding tomorrow which is local for a change, so I've got a weekend at home. At the moment, my plan is to drive and stay off the booze, as that always makes things easier - and this wedding is also out in the middle of the countryside too, so it just makes things all round simpler.

No real plans for tonight at the moment - I could really do with spending the afternoon cleaning and tidying in the flat as it's an absolute tip at the moment, so I think maybe I'll stick some music on and potter this afternoon. Sunday's plans at the moment are a longish stroll on the hills and then tea at one of our favourite pubs on the other side before meandering home again. It's home-cooked food up there, but just means I need to save a few points so I'm not worrying about it.

Let us please pray (for the sake of my sanity) that the scales decide to catch up with my current plans soon. Just in case I've got the tape measure out and taken notes though!

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Linz M said...

Fingers crossed the scales stop being an arse... they were to me this week too so I hate them presently :) You're doing great though so keep it up.

Have a fab weekend x

Peridot said...

Don't let those evil Scales of Doom derail you - they (whisper it) LIE sometimes you know.