Thursday, 15 July 2010

Go with the flow

Sometimes, it has to be said, it's just far, far easier to take the path of least resistance.

Last night was a case in point. I had my meals all planned out, but due to being very hungry in the afternoon, I'd had a few extra points in the form of a Nature Valley bar. I also had a Boot Shapers bar on the way to counselling to stop my stomach rumbling.

This would have taken me a whole 2.5 points over for the day. Horror and panic, as I'm sure you can imagine (yeah, I'm being sarcastic).

Instead of just sticking to my original plan of risotto for dinner, I decided to try and be clever and do a new soup recipe for dinner (broccoli and Stilton soup). Not the best plan I've ever had because instead of just being able to stick a box in the microwave and having home-cooked, reheated goodness in a matter of minutes, I was faffing around for nearly an hour, during which time I ate several spoon-fulls of icecream straight from the carton, and a quarter baguette with a little tub of crab.

So I ended up eating 2 points worth more than if I'd just had the damn risotto, with an added feeling of guilt.

So, lesson number 664 in losing weight is this: sometimes it's wiser (as well as easier) to just go with the flow.

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