Thursday, 8 July 2010

Today: I devote it to me

As expected I feel pretty rough this morning after consuming a dinner chock-filled with MSG last night; and the scales have gone suitably haywire in response.

So today is about me being kind to myself and sticking to the plan properly. My points and nothing more.

I still seem to be stuck in my maintenance cycle of good, good, good, bad, and repeat. Shame I'm not at goal or that would be peachy!

In response to feeling horrible this morning I paid extra attention to my appearance and I've been reaping the compliments all day. Mostly about my beautiful shoes :-)

That's all - nothing else to report right now.

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1 comment:

Peridot said...

You deserve those compliments - unless you found an outrageously flattering photographer for that post yesterday (in which case I want his/her number), you're very pretty indeed. I can't imagine you have much more weight to lose - you look great.