Sunday, 25 July 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures ... and a little bit of history

So here we are, late as always with the photos I promised from the last couple of weeks!

Tarting around on the walk from the hotel to the 30th bash a couple of weeks ago:

Bec and Nia, showing how lovely they're looking when we slid out of the party to cool down for a bit:

Check out that food - super posh (and very tastey) canapes, and the cakes. Oh, the cakes!! All 130 cupcakes were made and decorated by a friend of birthday girl Caz - how amazing is that?

The party gets going as our friend Moss hits the decks (not sure what happened with the exposures here, but I love the effect):

Last weekend at Katherine and Dave's wedding. Our little gang hanging out in the sun outside beforehand:

The happy bride and groom - married for 20 mins:

Koks and Tim drag me in for a pic whilst the professional photographers did their thang:

One thing I notice about these photos - I look very smily and happy.

For a little contrast - I found these photos from Charlie and Nik's wedding in December 2008 - a month before I started Weightwatchers. I hardly recognise myself, it looks like someone filled me up with air like a balloon. What I remember though, is that I felt pretty rubbish that day, and I was so upset when I saw the photos after ... no wonder I found the momentum to get started.


Plumptious said...

I had to go back and check that I'd read that paragraph correctly- I couldn't tell it was you in the 2008 photos!

You look absolutley amazing!! You have lost so much! Just, wow!

What an achievement, and a huge inspiration. Well done.

Allan said...

The change is fabulous.. So pretty...

Kit said...

congrats on your achievements!

My Wee Life said...

Amazing photos - what a difference - it looks like two totally different people! Well done - you should be so proud of yourself. That is really inspiring and motivating.

Sara said...

wow! you look fabulous! well done :)

Peridot said...

I couldn't work out who was you in the 2008 photos - it was only from your comments about being overweight in them that I twigged: you're unrecognisable! You look stunning and I hope you're justly proud.

Linz M said...

You look amazing, the difference is remarkable! Fantastic.

Go girl, keep up the good work!


Seren said...

One word - WOW.

You look absolutely stunning in the most recent pictures, and the difference is amazing. You may have hit a bump in the road recently, but it sounds like you're getting past that now - and those photos are a massive testament to your achievements so far!


Lorr74 said...

Un-be-lievable! I cannot get over the difference in you! What a transformation. This must be the best motivation for you. It certainly has inspired me. Thank you xx

Runnergirl said...

What a transformation! Amazing.