Saturday, 10 July 2010

And would you like a run with that breakfast, Madam?

Yes, some of us have suddenly realised that we've spent the last 6 months faffing around on the healthy-eating front, and in 4 weeks we are now required to sling a bikini on a body that is in a state of somewhat less than perfection, and parade around in front of enitre beaches full hot surf dudes. For 4 weeks.


Oh. HOLY. Crap.

Strange what that can do for your motivation to get back on that wagon, whip the horses up and start singing "roll 'em out, Raw-hiiiiiiide!".

I've been slowly crawling wagon-wards for a while now, but with frequent incidences of, well, falling off it again.

Now is not the time for that!

I've spent the last couple of weeks rediscovering all the habits I need to do this, whilst simultaneously managing to not use them all ... errr .... simultaneously.

No time for that either!

If I haven't get that bloody half a stone shot by the time that plane leaves, it'll be time to start hacking at various limbs until we're there. And I'm quite fond of my extremities, so something less extreme appears to be in order.

So - checklist:

  • Motivation. Check. In spades.
  • Reasonable target. Check. Half a stone (actually, slightly less, but I'll take half a stone) - that's reasonable in 4 weeks. Especially as my last week is off work and I can eat healthily and exercise to my heart's content in between packing and panicking.
  • Skills. Check. I know the drill. More fruit, more veg. Avoid what I can't point. If I eat it, track it. No takeaways, no baking (ok, those last two are bit more extreme, but it's only 4 weeks and they're serious downfalls for me - I get enough cake and eating out anyway to live without for 4 weeks). Think, think, think. And move my ass. Anywhere, anyhow - it doesn't matter.
  • Timescale - 4 weeks dedication.
Which would explain why I'm sat on my living room floor at half 10 on a Saturday morning, eating a butt-load of fruit for breakfast (with sugar-free jelly - I'm so hot I needed something cool to go with the fruit), feeling the sweat dry on me as I wait for the shower to be free, post-run. A 50 min, hot, sweat-fest, just-shy-of-7km-run. Huh - my longest to date - would you look at that. That run nicely negates an unexpected dinner out last night (at which I was pretty good if I do say so), and keeps me on track for the week.

We're black-tie-ing in Loughborough tonight for my friends' Bob and Caz's 30th birthday celebrations. So in about an hour, I'm driving down with friends, checking into our fancy-schmancy hotel, checking out the spa and pool, trying ... no, being, good at dinner (I think we're having dim sum), and then dressing up and drinking and dancing the night away.

p.s. the drinking? Another new rule applied - no wine, stick to spirits and diet mixers, alternate every drink with a diet soft drink or water. Did it last night, and I shall do it again this evening.

And on that note, I'm taking my stinky, sweat-encrusted self off to the shower and then sorting out some packing.

See ya later dudes!


Seren said...

Good luck! You sound well on top of everything am sure that half stone is going to stand a chance! Oh, and chuck some motivation over this way, will you please??!? ;-))


Peridot said...

Can I please ask you a WW question? I have just joined the online version - how do I count points when away from my computer at weekends? I don't have an iphone either!


starfish264 said...

A couple of suggestions for you - when I first started (and didn't know the points for lots of things from memory), I'd pre-plan what I could beforehand to avoid nasty surprises (actually I still do that - I like to know my choices where possible), and I'd carry a little notebook so I could scribble stuff down as I went, with a rough guesstimate points value if I wasn't absolutely sure. At least that gave me a guideline. At work, I used to just scribble it on a post-it note and stick it on my diary to take home and track at the end of the day. If you have any kind of notes function on a phone or personal organiser that works too.

If I was away for the weekend or on holiday, I carried a proper diary-style notebook and journalist both my food (again recording points and guessing where need be) and also my feelings and whatever else took my fancy. That worked well in Croatia and I still managed to lose whilst I was away. I find the very act of writing stuff down keeps me mindful, even if I'm not totally sure of exact points and I generally lost anyway.

It's only recently I've moved on to doing full-scale tracking on my iPhone, and in fact I just downloaded a points calculator at the weekend which is brilliant - if there was one thing I missed doing it online, it was having a calculator to carry with me for when I didn't know points but did have the nutritional info - you can buy a inexpensive one from the online WW shop if you don't have one already.

Hope that helps!


Peridot said...

Thanks so much