Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Post weekend post-mortem

I had a plan.

It went a lot like this:

• Stick to the dinner choices I'd pre-selected.
• Track everything.
• Stay on points for the weekend.

The first point was fine, and I was glad I'd made my decisions up front because it did make things easier.

I did track everything. I whipped my phone out and tracked as I went so I didn't forget anything. It kept me mindful.

Ummmm .... the last point. Well, I put in a good effort, and I'd say I was about half-way there. I didn't eat any desserts on any of the meals out. I avoided wine and stuck to vodka and diet mixers where I could - the one exception being Friday night when we were a little late arriving for dinner and wine had already been ordered at the table - I swapped drinks as soon as I could.

I didn't snack between meals.

Where I fell down was the breakfast buffet on Saturday, where I forgot that making several healthy choices still adds up to quite a lot if points (but I did better on Sunday), and the simple fact that the hen wanted to stop for cake AND ice cream on Saturday. Frugal choices helped though (toasted teacake instead of cake, ice cream in a tub instead of a sugar cone).

Overall, I'd say I hit a maintaining level rather than a losing weight level, but that's still an achievement. A 50% pass I'd say, and not bad on a weekend where I ate out from Friday lunchtime to Sunday evening.

I was rather chuffed therefore to see only a lb on at the scales yesterday morning.

My eating wasn't absolutely stellar yesterday, I was a bit nibbly, but I did turn out a 6k run last night in 45 mins, so imagine my grumpiness this morning when I'd mysteriously gained an additional 2lbs.

Rotten TOTM!!!

Other than that a shiny weekend was had by all. I bought gorgeous shoes in the sale at Kurt Geiger, and raided the Sweaty Betty shop for goodies (new workout top, new bra and new running headband). We were a bit frustrated by some of the hen's other friends who seemed to judge my school friends and I are for our lifestyle choices - i.e. that we earn money and spend it as we choose on a few luxuries - in itself I wouldn't have minded that but then they were content to let us buy them drinks and not say thank you or buy any back either. I hate double standards!!

Going to get my hormonal eying back under control today and maybe do a spin class this evening. I was meant to be attempting to play squash again last night, but we got foiled yet again by Jon forgetting that Monday night is club night at the courts after 7 so we couldn't book. Doh!

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Seren said...

It sounds like you did incredibly well to me - give yourself a bit more than 50% :-))

I'm trying to work up the nerve to try a spin class at the moment. It looks amazing - but very hard. Am full of admiration for anyone who can get through an hour without collapsing of heatstroke!!