Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Breaking the baking ban

.... but not really.

I'm all round feeling quite virtuous right now.

I went out for dinner last night with my dad and a family friend and 2 courses later I was still on track on my points for the day. I had an idea of what to eat to stay on plan, and although I got a little tempted to stray by the menu, I ordered a tomato and vegetable dish with penne. When my dining companions decided on dessert, I averted my eyes from the honeycomb cheesecake (my absolutely favourite) and had raspberry sorbet. Sparkling water to drink (lots of) and a little stroll home instead of the car.

Now ... this 'ere baking. I swore at the weekend that there would be no baking for the next 4 weeks to help with the non-derailment of Costa Rica plans. Then I won the office sweep stake for the World Cup and spent most of yesterday being badgered for cakes to celebrate my win. (Ah yes, the irony of winning money and then being forced to spend it on the people you won it off. I wonder how many of them would have rushed out to buy cakes had they won?).

It seems a bit silly to buy cakes when I enjoy baking so much and am given such a blatant excuse to do it. So I baked after getting back from dinner. Chocolate chip cookies and chocolate brownies.

But hear this: I haven't eaten a single one of my own cakes yet. I'd really like to avoid eating any at all, so I'm busy encouraging everyone in the office to get stuck in.

I honestly love baking - there's something highly therapeutic in putting raw ingredients together and coming out with something completely different and hopefully highly tasty.

In some ways I'm desperate to eat one, as I have that unreasonable feeling that most overweight people probably have, that there's something (nice) on offer and I'm missing out. Even if we don't need it or even much want it.

I know they'd taste good, but I'm not hungry right now, and I have plenty of healthy snacks with me. I'm enjoying the feeling of righteousness that not eating them is giving me. A little battle with my demons that it's within my power to win ... if I choose to. I've just got to choose to.

I'll let you know later if I manage to make the right choice! :-)

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Runnergirl said...

I've never read your blog before, but I honestly could have written this myself... on one of my more virtuous days.

Lately the meals out temptation and baking bug is biting that little bit harder each day.

Will now go back and read more of your blog but not before saying "Well done, you have such strength!"

Linz M said...

Good work resisting the baking... if you've still managed to that is :)

I'm so bloody hungry presently I would kill for a baked good!

Keep up the good work with your plan, am sure you can kick that half stone into touch by the time your trip comes round. Insanely jealous of said trip by the way!


Peridot said...

Wow, respect - there is NO FLIPPING WAY that I could resist home baked cakes. Generally or more specifically my own! And I would almost certainly have licked the bowl too enthusiastically too (I do have a very efficient spatula, in my defence). Perhaps this is why you are slim and I am not!


Seren said...

That's amazing, well done you! It's victories like that mean you're making a lifestyle change rather than following a diet.

I'm with you on the loving baking, especially the smell in the flat when there is something in the oven. I always try to go for stuff that I can portion up and bung in the freezer to keep it out of my way.