Monday, 12 July 2010

Old dog. New tricks.

With all my motivation to eat well in tact I survived the weekend pretty smoothly in the end.

A few points over on Saturday after lunch on the run, dinner out and drinking and birthday cake all night, but nothing too catastrophic. No big hangover breakfast for me at the hotel yesterday morning - 2 slices of toast and jam and some fruit juice. No gluttony at the BBQ yesterday afternoon - stay in the kitchen prepping and keeping busy, don't drink and just a burger, a sausage and some grilled peppers and mushrooms to fill up. No heavy, unnecessary dinner last night - a bowl of cereal before heading out to watch the football. And taking every opportunity to move my ass that I could - so picking the sensible restaurant choice on Saturday (Harvester - grilled chicken, jacket potato and salad bar, diet Coke and a 20 min walk to get there, over dim sum, gluttony and a car ride), and a nice sunny walk round the Loughborough university campus yesterday morning whilst friends explored their old haunts.

All in all, I'm pleased with my effort. I've proved that I can have fun and not go crazy, and that I can learn from my mistakes at a BBQ. The scales were down a little this morning and I'm on track for another good day.

I'll post some photos later from the weekend - much fun was had :o)

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Badger said...

Are dimsum really bad then? I always convinced myself they were ok due to being steamed....ooops.

Abbie said...

This is hard for me too! And something I just blogged about today, lol. How to balance the whole being-on-vacation or having-a-special-occasion thing while still keeping your goals in mind.

Sounds like you're doing great, though. Keep it up :o)