Monday, 19 July 2010

Walks and weddings

Not a bad weekend on the "I'm trying really hard to behave myself front". Am I very slowly improving?

I went to an old schoolfriend's wedding on Saturday and despite the obvious challenge that an unknown menu for a 3 course dinner plus canapes represents - I emerged just 6 points over. Yay!!!

I had a very chilled out day on Friday and opted to do absolutely nothing at all in the evening, so I was lovely and chilled out. I was also bang on my points.

Knowing that there was a sit down dinner on Saturday evening, I kicked off Saturday morning with an hour of sweaty cardio in the gym - cross-trainer, run on the treadmill and a session on the spin bike. After a frugal (but filling) morning's eating of cereal for breakfast and homemade soup with crackers for lunch, I donned my finery (again) and somehow managed to be late leaving for the wedding, unable to find my invitation and therefore trusting to luck and fortune that I'd find the church!

I did find it in good time, after a mini panic en route that the ceremony was actually 2 not 2.30, and joined my friends for a very sweet service in a VERY picturesque church.

After another feat of randomly lucky navigating I made it cross-country to the reception venue. I freely admit that I ate some canapes, but not everything that was offered. I didn't drink and didn't eat wedding cake, and I religiously pointed everything I ate.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and evening, and I loved catching up with friends and not having to worry too much about what I ate. I got an absolute butt-load of compliments (yay!) and I've got pretty good at accepting them now ;-)

What was weird, was that looking back at the photos, I'm now smaller than one of the girls I went to school with - something that's never happened before. Very strange. I'll pop a few of my favourite photos up this evening.

After a very long peaceful sleep on Saturday night, I had another lazy day yesterday. I hit the Next sale for work clothes and got two more nice fitted dresses. I love that they show off my figure although they are pretty snug at the moment - standing's fine, sitting ... not so much! They'll be fantastic in a couple of pounds time though - coming soon to a Sue near you!

Yesterday evening we strolled over the Beacon for tea at one of our favourite pubs, the Brewers Arms. I spied icecream sundaes on the dessert board so stuck to homemade soup whilst everyone else indulged in fish and chips, so I could have one guilt-free .... soooooooo good! Especially as I finished yesterday bang on my points too.

The fridge is yet again stocked with healthy stuff, so after a pretty well-behaved weekend I'm really hopeful I'll be able to pull something good out the bag this week. I'm booked in for circuits tomorrow night at the gym, and spin on Thursday, and intend to do something tonight - either the gym or a run.

Only 2 weeks left at work now, and I've just received my last paycheck - pretty scary to have all this uncertainty laid out in front of me at the moment after Costa Rica - I guess I just have to look at it as opportunity for a new adventure!

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