Tuesday, 27 July 2010


As you may have guessed from last night's post: yesterday did not go quite to plan. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Work snowballed, and before I knew it I was stressed, anxious, eating a bit more fudge, and had missed my spin class at the gym.

Now I know when I'm on form with this healthy quest of mine, because not only am I pissed with work for stopping me doing something I wanted to do, but I'm actually upset and antsy at missing a workout and my daily plan getting screwed up.

I care enough that when I did get to leave, an hour late, I was willing to eat into my precious time at home to squeeze in a 20 min run, because anything that gets my sweat on is better than nothing.

I also cared enough to track the extra the fudge in (what a waste - 6 points of my daily 21 used on pretty much pure sugar), and adjust my dinner and cinema snacks to fit. I ate in a rush last night after a very quick shower, and then shot straight out to go get Bridget for the cinema, running late, but glad to have run anyway.

My juggling efforts meant I still managed to bank 1.5 points yesterday, which wasn't as much as I wanted but good to have done anyway.

The scales haven't budged since yesterday but then I haven't exactly made the best use of my points the last couple of days even though I've been on track - I'm confident they'll be moving downwards again soon though.

No sweets today, but lots of fruit. I was in work extra early this morning so even if I need to stay a bit late I've got time before my circuits class this evening.

Yesterday didn't defeat me, although it bloody well tired me out - today I've adjusted to avoid yesterday's mistakes.

I'm making today my bitch again :-)

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Runnergirl said...

That's the most important thing, is that you still went for a run, and you're not going to let it ruin your week, or even your day. It's so easy to say "Oh well, today's a bust" and then just go home and really ruin things. Which is what I would do.

Peridot said...

Well you inspired me - I wasn't going to count my two bits of Gu naughty millionaire flapjack but after reading this I did (3 points). It meant I had to change my dinner to accommodate it but I feel virtuous! Thanks!