Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I won!! And ouch.

One problem with getting back on track with your eating, after a period in the healthy-eating wilderness, is the disconnect between your brain and your stomach.

Your stomach quietly say it's not hungry and there's no need to eat yet, but your brain whines that it's bored and let's do something fun. Your stomach tells you that physically you're full, but your brain keeps chomping on about having some dessert, or something sweet, to finish off that dinner properly.

Bad habits are so easy to form, and actually quite easy to break, but it does take a bit of time and effort - it takes willpower too. It's easier to make a decision to do something you don't want to do - make a phone call you've been putting off, get off your ass and go to the gym - than it is to make a decision, and keep making that decision over and over, not to do something you want to do.

And that was my fight with myself yesterday. I planned my food for the day, and after having a banana and a little bit of dry cereal to pep me up for the gym, I was on track for some bonus points to bank.

Incidentally, you know it's been a good work out when you can't coordinate your shaking hand enough to get your key in the locker door afterwards. Coming out of the gym, all I wanted to do was collapse on the sofa and stay there. Preparing any kind of dinner seemed like seemed like a monumental effort.

A quick inspection of the fridge revealed that two of the key ingredients for my proposed dinner were missing - bacon and mushroom pasta without mushrooms or pasta kind of sucks.

Dilemma: do I haul my ass into the shower and then down to Co-Op which stays open later, to retrieve said items, or try and cobble dinner from something else. Answer: there's hardly any veg to be seen in the fridge, and everything else takes too long, and has more points than I want.

Shower, change, jump in the car. Is there a greater torture in life than wandering to the supermarket through a veritable gauntlet of takeaways, all emitting mouth-dribblingly nice smells? I damn near caved for takeaway at that point, but a) my rule says no takeaway until Costa Rica, and b) I know I feel rubbish afterwards.

After dinner, I had battle number 2 with myself. It was near 10pm and I was comfortably full, so somebody explain to me why all I wanted was one of the desserts from the freezer. Admittedly, they're Skinny Cow ones, so they're not exactly unhealthy, but that wasn't the point.

I decided that going to bed and getting an early night was the safest way to win the battle.

Daily result: another 3.5 points banked, and for the first time in forever I'm break-even on my points with 2 days of my Weightwatchers week, and another work out, to go. WHOOOP!!

Circuits last night was TOUGH. The warm-up damn near broke me, and after the first loop of the stations, with 2 still to go, I was ready to lie down on the floor. I persevered through the squats, bicep curls, relay sprints, skipping (skipping??? Haven't done that since primary school!), bunny hops over steps, sit ups, press ups and whatever else, and finished red-faced and breathless. There were only 6 of us in the class, and I'd say most were considerably fitter than me, including the army guy who was busy making his stations harder.

I think I found it so tough as it's exercises I don't normally do, but the instructor was nice and came round to correct my form, and at least each agony is only for a max of 40 seconds (although there's no break between stations until the end if each complete loop). I'm feeling it all over this morning, but I've booked in for next week anyway.

Tonight I've got my counselling session and then I've arranged to meet friends at the cinema straight after. No exercise, but a welcome evening of rest - I've been active the last 4 days so I'm happy with that. Since there's no time for dinner in tonight's schedule, I've planned my food to include tea on the run. I want another day on track.

Catch ya later, dudes.

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