Monday, 26 July 2010

Owning it

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post. The funny thing is that I logically know I've lost weight and look different, but it takes photos like that for me to be able to see it. And now to the proper post:


We are the masters of our own destinies - at least when it comes to our weight and our health.

The problem is that owning that destiny also means taking responsibility for it - something we aren't always prepared to do. When it's all good - oh yeah - look what I've achieved!!!! When it's not - man - it's not fair - I've got a shitty metabolism and I can't do anything about it - it's so easy for everyone else.

You know it's true. I know it's true. I just don't like admitting it. You probably don't much either.

It comes down to smaller things than that though. One of the things I still wrestle with is tracking crappy food when it's eating into my daily points. Call it denial, call it excuses, call it whatever you will - it's me not taking ownership for my own food consumption, and - as the last 6 months have proved - by extension, my weight.

So today, I OWN my tracker. Today I write everything on it, however much it eats into my points.

So if I've eaten fudge this morning (I have) then I'll track 4 points for it, even if that costs me a snack at the cinema tonight, or some of my bonus points from the gym.

I will be honest with myself. Doesn't matter who else I lie to, as long as I admit the truth to myself. That's what's got this ball rolling and will keep it rolling now.

I've come out of the weekend a fraction down on Friday's weigh in, but a lb up on Saturday - I'm ok with that though since I ate out Sat and yesterday and although my points weren't bad, there was quite a lot of salt and alcohol involved.

This week is going to be absolutely manic. I am literally not going to have a moment to sit down and chill, but I'm not going to drop the ball.

Part of the reason I'll be so busy, is classes booked at the gym today and tomorrow. Spin tonight after work at 6, and the brutal circuits class tomorrow at 6. I'm going to the cinema tonight with Bridget at 8.15. Wednesday night I've got counselling at 6, and then I'm meeting friends for drinks before we all leave for holidays. Thursday night I've got my leaving drinks from work, so will be out in Cheltenham and then staying overnight in a hotel. Friday I leave work. Somewhere in the middle of all that I need to bake cakes to take in on Thursday (a second break of the baking ban - hopefully I can survive it as well as last time).

Through all of this I intend to stay on my points, and earn some bonus points. Being that I'll be in the hotel on Friday morning, I'll weigh in on Thursday or Saturday.

It's going to be busy but I believe I can make this week my own.

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Linz M said...

Your post couldn't have come at a better time for me - you just 'made' me track something that I was going to conveniently 'forget' about since I really didn't need to lose 3.5 points for some dried coconut and banana!

Consider it now tracked. At least now I can't fool myself into thinking it's not my fault when I don't lose tomorrow - because it's most definitely all down to me.

Have a fab week, I got exhausted just reading about it :) x

Peridot said...

Okay, I have a question around bonus points earnt through exercise. I earnt over 40 this week; I have been intending not to eat into these at all (ho ho) as they're a useful buffer against point guesstimation or the chaos theory which seems to manifest itself on my tracker from time to time. And I save 4 points during the week to use at the weekend. But on the days I cycle in, I am definitely more hungry - it's an hour each way - and it's harder to keep my points down by 4. What do you do? Any advice? Also, what constitutes 'gentle' cycling and 'strenuous' cycling (there's a huge difference in terms of points for these) - it's all on the road but my heart is pounding (not just fear of the traffic!) and I'm puffed if not panting and heaving for breath. I get sweaty enough to need a shower.