Monday, 26 July 2010


In the Beginning, there was Sue, and Sue joined Weightwatchers because she had a Plan. It was a mighty Plan, and it was to lose 5 Stone and get Healthy.

And Sue had the Will and the first Stone was lost, and lo, there was much rejoicing.

The Will was strong, and as the Plan progressed, Sue gained the Knowledge, and the Losing continued.

But slowly the Will faded, and though the Knowledge was strong, it was not enough and the Plan faltered and there was much disappointment (and muttering, and crying, and screaming and self-flagellation, etc, etc, you get the picture).

Lost in the wilderness of the Plateau, Sue kept going, for there was still Determination, and though it was not as good as the Will, it was enough to keep the Plan alive.

For 6 months, Sue wandered on the Plateau (it's a shame she didn't fast while she did it, it would have been more helpful), searching for the lost Will. She questioned her faith in the Plan, but it did not leave her, and then came the Trip.

And the Trip was mighty (for who wants to look rubbish on the beach?), and bought with it the Will to finish the Plan. So now Sue had both the Will and the Knowledge, and she was unstoppable. For the Will and the Knowledge together are Success.

And this is the Gospel according to Sue.


Some days are sent to try you - this was one of them. It tried, it failed, I win.


septembergrrrl said...

Blogger needs a like button.

'It came, it tried, it failed. I win.'

^ Going to be written on my calendar, love it :)

My Wee Life said...

Love it!

Tina xx said...

love that post...keep going !!x

Lor said...

this was wonderful! excellent post, girl!