Sunday, 19 April 2009

A bit of an uphill struggle

I have to admit, I'm struggling a bit this weekend. I think the weekend's are becoming a bit of a danger zone for me. I'm oh so very good during the week, without any problems, but I'm not quite as vigilant with my points when I'm out socialising as I should be. I should definitely keep an eye on that, as I'm out and about most weekends, and that could be a bit of a self-destructive habit if I'm not careful. Either I need to be better during the weekends, or better during the weeks to keep the balance.

This weekend has been pretty booze filled. After the vodka and pizza on Fri night, came a night out in Cheltenham last night - vodka and tonics (that's fine), but then I lost the plot a bit and said "yes" when everyone else wanted cocktails, when I should have said I'd stick with the vodka. Cocktails are all very well, and boy, do I love them, but I knew I didn't have the points for them last night. We wound up doing a lot of dancing at the club, which is good in that once we're dancing we're not drinking, but doesn't quite equal the earlier damage.

The other bad thing with going out is that then you get the morning after. Having staggered in at about quarter to 4 this morning, I got a (rare) phone call from my Dad asking if I'd like to join him for lunch. Walking down the road to pick the car up from the station where I left it last night was a joy as the sun was hot and the streets were quiet and picturesque, and when I got to Dad's I was greeted by the heavenly smell of roast pork. Which had one downside, since I had promised myself last night that I'd have a bit of a detox day to recoup some points from the rest of the weekend. Oh sod that!

We ate our lovely roast sat on the terrace in the garden, watching the paragliders circle lazily overhead (they launch off the hills behind the house) and the rather inept cat who was trying to hunt the mice that live in the flowerbed wall. I also took dad for a half and hour stroll on the common near the house, so it was good to stretch my legs, but not nearly the amount of exercise I had intended to get this weekend.

Still, the weekend is now done, and my lessons are learned on the need to watch my intake when I'm socialising, or do more exercise to offset it. The only problem is that as a result of all the drinking, I've got a proper hunger on today. Even the lovely roast and apple crumble and ice-cream, and then pasta for tea hasn't cured it, and I'm now officially out of points.

Writing on here is keeping me distracted, whilst I decide my tactics. I think I'm going to potter for a bit doing Sunday evening chores, to keep my hands busy, and then curl up and watch a film. Maybe with some fresh pineapple to take the edge of my craving for something sweet. I'd really like to have another loss tomorrow morning at weigh in, but I guess if I don't I'll know what went wrong.

I did briefly consider that I should change my weigh in day to a Thursday or Friday, so that if I fuck it up over the weekend, I've got the week for damage control, but then I think that might just be a bit of a licence for me to let loose on a weekend. And in the end, it won't change the rate at which I lose the weight over all, so I think I should stop making excuses and just get on with it.

Tomorrow's a new day, and the start of a new week. I'm thinking that I'd quite like to add in a new class at the gym this week, from the list of ones that I'd like to do. I don't want to add them all in at once, as I suspect that I wouldn't keep doing them all for very long if I do that, so I'm going to try putting them in one at a time, or just rotating them all round. Can't decide whether to do Body Combat, Pump or Balance at the gym .... hmmmmm.

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