Tuesday, 28 April 2009

So much to say

I'm finding this blogging malarkey a tad addictive. I could seriously write on here about 10 times a day, but don't because I'm guessing no-one seriously wants to read that much self-obsessed twaddle. However, I do find the process of getting all my thoughts out of my head and down on to "paper" so damn cathartic at the moment, that I might have to have a second blog somewhere else that's unlisted so I can naval-gaze to my heart's content.

On a food front, I've somehow managed to mess up this week already - hoorah!!! Give that girl a pat on the head!!! I bought my chocolate cheese-cake and worked out that it was 9 points (oh my god) for one small slice. And ironically, that is not the cause of yesterday's cock-up because both pieces are still sat in the fridge.

Tangent - 9 freaking points?????? Jesus, no wonder my weight inched up over time - it's not like I'd have them often, but how many other things are that heavy in calories and fat and I had not a clue?? Sigh.

Yesterday's cock up was in fact caused by accepting an invitation from the boys next door to go round for chilli after my Body Pump class. First problem - boy-sized portions and I happily ate all of it. Second problem - glass of red wine to accompany aforementioned ginormous plate of food. Third problem - the Dreaded Biscuit Box - 'nough said.

The DBB does not often get taken out, but it requires health hazard warnings, it's so damn dangerous. It resides under the coffee table in the boys' living room - an innocuous-looking but very large Tupperware box. And in that box? Pretty much every biscuit known to man, and none of them even remotely healthy. Jon pulled it out after dinner with a questioning eye-brow raised in my direction - translation "biscuit?" (I'm very good at translating Jon's eyebrows - years of practice). So on the upside - I only had 3. On the downside - I had 3.


Soooo - I start day 2 of the week with a 5.5 point deficit .... after I'd taken into account Body Pump. I suck.

On an exercise front though - I did my second Body Pump class last night, upped my weights on several tracks, and don't even remotely ache this morning - woooohoooooooo!! How great is muscle memory?? I broke myself doing this class last week, and this week my muscles said "Oh this? Yeah - we know how to do this. No worries - just you let us get on with it". Which means I have no excuse for not putting in a decent workout tonight before Girls Night. And possible cheesecake.

And in case anyone's wondering - the rationale behind having cheesecake tonight, while I'm still slightly behind on points from last night, is that I can feed Bridget the other piece therefore eliminating the siren call from the fridge for the rest of the week - clever, huh?


Enigmanda said...

Yup...I am addicted to blogging too. I use LJ for my 'everyday' journal. (www.livejournal.com)

I am like you, in my thinking, that it's cool to write stuff down, no matter how trivial :o)

starfish264 said...

That's a really good tip - thanks for that. It was either that or I was going to get a really hefty, satisfying book and scribble in that, but that's not so good for dipping into here and there whenever I have a thought.