Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bored, bored, bored

It turns out that staying at home with nothing to do for a weekend is actually boring, not relaxing as previously thought. Made worse by the fact that I have no money, so can't actually do anything if I wanted to.

As promised, I did start to tackle my wardrobe yesterday. Made it through the wardrobe itself and put a load of stuff aside for either recycling or sending to the charity shop. Still got two chests of drawers and a set of hanging shelves full of knitwear to tackle though. Then going to have to be ruthless with the shoes, and might get round to looking at the jewellery box too. And all the paperwork that's lying in piles on the floor. Ugh.

Went round to the boys house for pizza and geeky games last night. I had promised myself that I would only have 2 - 3 slices of the lush home-made pizza, and leave it at that, but I somehow got tempted into picking up a fourth when they bought through a fresh pizza with an experimental set of toppings. The good thing is that after that I was sooooo stuffed that there was absolutely no way that I could possibly eat anything further. After a few drinks, I somehow ended up falling asleep on the sofa with my neighbour after everyone else had pushed off home, and woke up feeling a bit cranky this morning with the sun in my eyes.

I'm feeling particularly lazy today. I tried to point up the pizza from last night, but how the hell do you point home-made pizza without knowing everything that went into it??? Ended up putting it down as 4 large slices of a Domino's meat pizza - I guess that will be near enough, but now I've got a few points to make up for the week as I'm 3.5 over. To try and combat the laziness, I did the first session from my flatmates Pilates for Inchloss dvd this morning. It was good, if not hugely energetic, but some of the moves are pretty much impossible!!! How are you meant to lift one leg away from the wall and wave it round over your head when you're using both feet to remain propped up in a shoulder-stand / plank manoeuvre against the wall????

Having spent an entirely self-indulgent couple of hours sprawled on my bed watching Twilight and eating nice food for lunch, I'm trying to find the motivation to go for a walk for an hour. Think it would do me good to leave the house for a bit and get some fresh air.

Here's an interesting tidbit for you; after abandoning the Lighten Up book that I was reading a while ago, I picked it up again and read another couple of pages this morning, and apparently the trick to succeeding at something is in phrasing your wish / desire in the correct words! In other words, you have to be positive about what you want, not negative - so people are far more likely to succeed when they don't aim to lose weight (implying they're fat, and they've got something they don't want to have - the weight - and they must lose it - negative word - and it's all baaaad) but rather to be slim (see no negative words - just a desire to be different from how you are now).

It also talks about how people approach what they're going to do - those who say I will try often fail, as trying implies an expectation to fail. Those who just go at it and say I'll have a go are far more likely to succeed. Interesting stuff! The author goes on to talk about how the difference between the person who fails and succeeds is hardly ever to do with their ability, but rather they're attitude to doing it. He says that at the top level of sport there is such a small, minute difference in speed and reflex times and physical condition, that it all comes down to who wants it more, and who will keep trying the longest and hardest to attain the top spot.

So really, all we have to do, is really, really, really want to be slim.

Well, I can do that.

So I'm off for my walk.

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