Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Today I will mostly be feeling ...

... upbeat apparently!!

So that's a shame ;o)

I overslept this morning and got up late. Well, let's be honest, my alarm went off at it's usual inhuman hour of 6.30am, and I deliberately rolled over and thought "just a few more minutes!" Hah! That old chestnut.

Suddenly realised that it was quarter past 7 and I was late, late, late. Ran round getting ready - jumped on the scales (I know I shouldn't with it not being a weigh in day, but what can I say - strength of will is not known to be my strong point), and what d'ya know - the scales said another lb gone. I was pretty stoked to see that, as I have secretly been really worried that since I lost so much last week, it would somehow all catch up with me this week, so it's good to see it's still going down.

Ran round getting dressed, and then discovered that the hem was coming down on the pair of trousers I'd just pulled on. Which I hate! So grabbed another couple of pairs out the wardrobe - in the plural because the first pair I grabbed were still a bit tight on me, last time I tried them on. Thought "what the heck, I'll try them anyway", and lo and behold - they fit fine!

So with those little bits of joy under my belt, I sped off to work. Which has so far been an absolutely bog standard day. I'll have to work later than usual as I was in later, but I've so far managed to spend perfectly good productive time sorting out my social life for tomorrow night. Whoops.

I'm off to Bristol tomorrow for a night out with my old work-mates. Quite exciting for me as obviously I've not seen most of them since I started losing weight, and in truth, whether or not they notice, or comment on it, I'm just glad that I'll be feeling good in myself.

I'm thinking that after going out glam and girly last weekend, I'll rock a bit of the rock-chick look tomorrow night with pale flares, black top studded with silver, big bangles and oodles of eye-liner. May even break out the red lippie - that's how good I'm feeling!

Despite the point that I've lost from my daily allowance as of Monday, I'm having a good week food-wise - actually a great week so far - have saved a few already and been really enjoying what I've had. I made lovely WW's friendly cottage pie on Monday night which was lush, partly as I haven't had it in ages and partly because in my book that's proper comfort food with it's cheesey mash on top - and only 6 points a decent-sized portion!! So I've been enjoying left overs of that for lunch this week. Tonight, I've got lovely fresh salmon and new potatoes with brocolli and spinach for tea .... mmmmmmmmmmmm (in a Homer Simpson stylee).

Food just tastes so damn good at the moment. I savour every little bit of it. I don't just mindlessly stuff it down my throat anymore. When I'm so hungry that I've got that real hollow ache - when you know that the first bit of sugar on your tongue is going to give you that delightful heady rush - I don't. I wait until I've got something proper to eat, usually something savoury instead. I deny myself that rush, because usually it leads to another mouthful, and another, trying to recapture that first high when the sugar hits your system. Mostly, I try not to let myself get that hungry though. Or I try and drink something first to soothe the gremlins so I can keep control. Because the control is where it's at for me. When I know where I'm at, I can reason my way through anything - even the gains and the STS's and the days when you feel bloated like a helium balloon.

I am (dieting) woman - hear me roar!!!


Poppett said...

AHA!!! A fellow Control Freak!!

I love being in control...hence the WW snacks in the bag for the cinema :0)

You are doing so well honey...You Go with the red lippie and knock em dead the weekend!!


P.S. RE the PMT......Child sacrificing and puppy skinning were small fry compared to what I was trying to accomplish!


Joy said...

Brilliant post, this is the stuff you could bottle and sell. Hope you have a fab night out, and 1ots of compliments on the job you've done this far. =)