Monday, 20 April 2009

A little bit disappointed

To be honest, I'm feeling a bit disappointed in myself this morning. I've lost a lb at weigh in, but I know it could have been several if I hadn't started making bad choices on the weekend. When I had a sneaky peek at the scales on Friday morning, and then yesterday, I was down hovering around the 14 and a half stone mark, but weighed in this morning at 14st 9lb.

Now obviously I know that if I've seen that lower weight on the scales once, then it will be back soon enough, but I'm just annoyed with myself for messing around, so it's back to concentrating on this properly.

I was really pleased for my fellow healthy challenger Jo when she texted me yesterday to excitedly tell me that she'd just bought some size 14 jeans, so I think it's time to up my game too. Now that I've been paid (hooray!!!), I'm going to go and get the size 16 jeans tonight and they're going to hang on the front of the wardrobe to remind me what I'm meant to be doing. Then I'm going to book myself into a Body Balance class for later in the week, and a Body Pump class for tonight if there's any space, or tomorrow night if there's not, and in the word's of Dietgirl, I'm going to "bust some lard" this week.

So I hereby declare my intention to do my very best to lose at least 2 lbs this week, which would get my down to the 14 and a half mark, and preferably 3lbs to get me to my 2 stone target.

In your face, Fat - you're not staying here on these hips!!


Enigmanda said...

Good luck with your goal this week!!

Joy said...

Great goals, what's done is done. love the use of the new jeans as a visual motivator..