Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Comments for the day

Firstly, I feel like I'm wearing a full body corset of my own muscles today. It's the only way I can think of to describe how tight all my muscles still feel from Monday's Body Pump session. It eases off when I get up and move around for a bit, but given that I have a desk job, that leaves a lot of time to stiffen up during the day. God knows what the physio will say this evening, since I'm going to be about as flexible as your average plank of wood!

Secondly, I'm wearing a skirt today. This is pretty much a rarified event for me, to the point that people generally make inane comments like "you've got legs!" when they see me in a skirt. But it's summery out, and trousers just didn't seem to cut it this morning. I would have gone for my city shorts but I've got another (thrilling) VAT meeting this afternoon, so they didn't quite seem appropriate somehow. However, the interesting thing about the skirt (see, there was a point to my ramblings) is that it actually fits really well, while it used to be so tight at the waist-band that it was the clothing equivalent of cheese-wire. I love all the little reminders that I'm getting a little bit smaller, and I especially like it when things fit properly as a result rather than just getting annoyingly baggy like my office trousers.

Thirdly, my stomach has not been very happy with me today, and I'm really hoping I haven't picked up a bug, especially as one of my work friends has only just got back after a particularly vicious one, so there's at least one circling somewhere out there. I don't want to be ill!!!! Even if it does mean that I'd probably spontaneously lose about half a stone and have time off whilst the weather's good - I'm just not good at being ill. Although come to think of it those side-benefits do sound quite good ..... but no, wanting to be ill for the benefit of your diet is just sick!!! My stomach is probably just grumbling because TOTM is due soon (which I only just realised when i looked in my diary this morning for something else). Oh goody.

What I would like though is for this week to be really good week, so I can get that little bit closer to those damn jeans fitting. Not that I'm obsessed with them or anything, but it's been nearly 2 stone for crying out loud - I must be getting at least close to dropping a dress size by now. I've only got half a stone plus a couple of lbs to go before I've lost half what I want to lose, and I haven't even dropped one measly dress size yet - I feel like throwing a 5 year-old hissy fit complete with hands and feet drumming on the floor and some screaming thrown in. Come to think of it, that would probably earn me some activity points so maybe I should!!!

Oh well, roll on the weekend. I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with my inner 5 year-old by running round in the tree-tops and jumping off the "Tarzan" swings yelling "yaaaaa-a-aaa-a-aaaaaaa" Tarzan stylee (basically jumping across a gap between the trees suspended from the end of a rope (via your climbing harness) and hammering into a cargo net on the other side), and then settling down to watch girly films with some Ben & Jerries low-fat - not quite sure how that will work out point-wise, but I'm sure it'll be do-able! Unfortunately, I only realised today, that my ultra-good week that I had planned is about to be disrupted as I had forgotten that I've got a buffet lunch out tomorrow and a meal out on Friday night, both with work. BUGGER!!! I suppose I'd better get planning.

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