Friday, 24 April 2009


In saying yesterday that all I had to do this week to complete the Mayday Challenge was lose half a lb, I think I have totally jinxed myself. So much for my really good week that I was planning. The scales have been stubborn in moving this week, but when they have, they've just gone upwards.


I'm now heavier than I weighed on Monday by a lb. TOTM is being totally tardy in it's arrival, like a bloody great big storm cloud hovering menacingly on the corner of my nice sunshine-filled week, my digestive system seems to have come grinding to a complete halt, and I think my muscles must all have filled themselves with lead as a subtle form of revenge for my abuse of them so far this week.

Not exactly the result I was looking for so far.

I guess all I can do is stick to the eating plan, and keep up with the activity and hope some of it shifts before the end of the week.



Poppett said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH Hun...that's shit :0(

Why oh Why does this whole thing have to be so bloody hard???

You keep up the great work and I'm going to take inspiration from you eforts and start getting out doing more from tomorrow onwards!!

Jane xx

starfish264 said...

Because if it was easy, we'd have all done it years ago?? :o) I've discovered that the only problem with doing so much exercise is I permanently feel like one big ache .... and it all starts again tomorrow. Goody!!