Sunday, 12 April 2009

Food for thought - not a lot of thought for food

It's been a busy old weekend, jam-packed with all things social, so there's not been a lot of time to dwell too much on the whole Weight Watcher's thing. Having said that I've not done too badly, as I'm still only 5 points over for the whole week.

Spent yesterday over with Jo and Lissa (old school friends) out walking. We'd been invited on a pub crawl in the afternoon and evening, but the prospect of doing all 11 pubs was a bit daunting, and since we had already planned on going for a walk, we decided to combine the two and walk over to the pub-crawl - about 9 miles away.

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon out and the countryside was looking beautiful as we set out from Kidderminster to walk over to Stourbridge. The walk was mostly flat, but crossed through woods, fields, down the side of the canal and was generally very scenic. We stopped for lunch at a country pub which was in a gorgeous location, and with the advantage of a pub garden since the sun was still shining. I really fancied a burger and chips (I know - very un-WW's food, but it just appealed and I'd already worked out that the walk would earn me an extra 12 points for the day), but actually I was really disappointed that my gourmet burger was not that nice at all - it came with blue cheese and portobello mushroom - the cheese was too strong, the burger was dried out and the mushroom tasted too oily - either I'm getting fussy in my old age, or I've been eating too much good food recently! The chips were pretty nice though lol.

The only blight on the walk was that my physio has apparently not quite cured all my ills yet. In the last half an hour my hip, which I've been having treatment on, really started to ache. I soldiered on to the end though, just because I wasn't going to let it beat me!

We did a quick change on the drive of a friend's house, where we conveniently already had a car stashed to drive us the rest of the way into town for the pub crawl. Yep - classy birds changing tops on the drive in front of the house, albeit in the car, but the friends in question were already out on the pub crawl. I'm sure no-one saw anyway lol.

The pub crawl was fun, and on my now usual vodka-and-slimline routine, didn't do too much damage, although my alcohol tolerance has definitely dropped since the start of the weight loss campaign. It was kind of nice to have a lazy afternoon / evening with friends and new acquaintances; drinking, gossiping and even a little flirting. We eventually staggered back to the house where we left the car (this time with the owners) where the consensus was that pizza was what was required. Not my ideal food choice, but I just had a little as I wasn't too hungry, and I managed to stop before wanting to hoover up everything in sight. Finally, we taxied home (well, back to the girls' place anyway) and slept like babies.

Today was a late morning and a nice sunny drive home and then family tea with my dad and grandma. I can't explain why, but I got too much out for lunch when I wasn't particularly hungry. None of it was particularly unhealthy, but just really fancied all of it - I blame the hangover. Not that that would have been a problem on its own, but I managed to forget that I would be required to eat again at Dad's. Settled for just having a sandwich and a little sliver of a lemon delice at Dad's so as not to offend, but I really must remember to think ahead a bit better in future!!!

Not sure what the scales will say tomorrow, but either way it's just going to be heaven having yet another day off work!

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Poppett said...

Hey hun,

Sounds like you have had a fantastic weekend!!

Good for you having mostly the things that you wanted to ... it's soooo easy to forget that we have a life to live whilst trying to get to grips with this whole 'healthy eating for life' plan!!

I know what you mean in your previous post re how we have high hopes and expectations for what it will be like when we are goal...but is it all just fantasy?????? I hope not!

I think I'll expand on this more in my blog...pop over and share my musings!!

Good Luck for WI!