Sunday, 26 April 2009

Running, jumping, falling.

So, I'm back from a nice weekend over with Jo, and I've bought home a lovely new collection of bruises too.

Everything's been a bit non-stop since I finished work at lunchtime on Friday. Shot home from work, literally sat down for 10 mins to grab a bowl of soup, before bombing off to the hairdressers. Then legged it back from the hairdressers to get changed and go out running with Sid. We did mostly the same circuit I did on Thursday evening, with a tiny bit extra thrown in. It was a good run, but running with someone else, especially someone who's already been running for a couple of weeks was harder, as he pushed me to run that bit further before stopping, and then to start up again after a shorter recovery period. I made it back in one piece though, jumped in the shower, got dressed up and then drove off to Cheltenham at record pace for my work dinner.

We ate at Ask, the Italian chain, and I was a little bit upset in one way, as I'd budgeted points for a dessert that I never actually got as everyone else wanted starters instead!! Damnit!! Ah well. At least it was less points used.

Saturday saw my legs go into lactic-acid induced shock after being forced to run twice in a 24 hours period, so it was with some trepidation that I dragged my weary self off to Kidderminster to see Jo and tackle Go Ape.

We got really lucky with the weather yesterday as the forecasted rain never materialised, so we did Go Ape under gloriously blue skies. We were also lucky enough that we were the only people on the entire course booked in within an hour and a half of our slot, so we didn't see another soul out in the trees apart from the course instructors on the ground. It was great - no queues or hold-ups, nobody to frown at us messing around and taking goofy photos and nobody racing round behind us rushing us along.

On a personal level, I was also really chuffed that on this, my 3rd Go Ape course, I finally went round and did all the "Extreme" routes, where I've previously copped out and gone the easy alternative. There was one moment of extreme fear when I jumped off the big tarzan swing not realising how far I was going to drop straight down (about 10 feet I think) before the harness caught me and swung me across, and yes, I did scream like a girl for that one particular moment, but it was all a good experience. I have picked up a couple of bruises from the cargo net that you swing across into (at full speed), but aside from that it was all lots of fun.

Afterwards, we grabbed an ice-cream and sat in the sun for a bit, before wandering off into the Wyre Forest (where the Go Ape centre is located) for a nice hour and a walk. Lots of activity points picked up then!

We decided on dinner out in the evening, which was nice as I'd got so many activity points stocked up by now that I could pretty much have what I wanted. But I was still foiled on the pudding front as we were so stuffed by the time we got there that we couldn't face it. So I thought we'd walk back from the pub via the little corner shop and I could at least grab a chocolate bar for later in the evening ..... and it was closed for that one Saturday night!!!!!! The world is against me in a chocolate based conspiracy!!!!!

We've spent this morning being lazy and sorting out hostels and airport transfers for our trip to Oslo in June, so it's a relief to have those sorted. We also went out for another walk this afternoon since the forecast bad weather still hadn't arrived. I got us a little bit lost, but it was a lovely walk anyway lol.

So now, all that's left of this week is to do the washing, try and make a dent on some of the mess in my room, and cross all available fingers, toes and limbs for even a half lb loss tomorrow so I can finish the Mayday Motivation challenge. TOTM finally arrived, and I've still got loads of bonus points I haven't used this week, so maybe there is a small, small chance of this. I hope so!


Enigmanda said...

WOW!! You HAVE been busy!
If you don't lose the right amount...I wanna know why!! LOL
You are doing great!!

starfish264 said...

If I don't lose it'll be because my body and metabolism is the most perverse thing known to man! Guess we'll see, but I feel in my bones that I won't see what I want to tomorrow - suppose I just have to remind myself that it IS about the long haul - just hard sometimes to remember that.