Thursday, 16 April 2009

Lest we forget - I'm losing weight here!

Good morning boys and girls.

I'm finding it quite funny this morning, how quickly we forget that we have lost weight. Getting changed for the gym last night, I grabbed one of my old polo shirts from my fencing days at uni to go over the top of my gym vest (2 t-shirts might seem a little excessive, but consider the position you're in when you on a spin bike - lent forward and peddling for all your worth and the ladies tend to end up on display and jiggling around in a low cut top - not an attractive look so I put something high-necked over the top), and was quite surprised when it went down smoothly over my hips. This is a top, that for as long as I can remember has usually sat turned under and resting on top of my hips - not round them. What a difference a couple of weeks makes apparently!

Anyhoo, I hoofed it off to the gym, with my shiny new cleated shoes sitting comfortably in my bag. There was then a bit of a performance at the gym while I worked out how you clip the damn things onto the peddle with your feet in them. Luckily, the guy on the bike next to me also has them so was able to tell me what to do - nothing like making a spectacle of yourself, huh? They make quite a difference actually, and I worked extra-hard last night, which felt goooooooood. Never knew I was such a sucker for punishment.

Back at the flat, my flatmate was cooking dinner for myself and 4 others (and WW's friendly too!), so after a quick shower I grabbed some straight-legged black jeans to put on. I wanted to put back on the pretty jumper I'd had on at work (fine-knit, short sleeved with pretty cut out detail), but thought, oh that won't work with those jeans as they're tight round the waist and the muffin-top will be on view to the world. Completely forgetting that I tried on the black jeans last week and they now fit absolutely fine round the waist and need a belt.

Oh, how quickly we forget!! It's strange how I know in my head that the number's have dropped, and therefore logically I have to have gotten smaller, but can't keep in mind that that has an impact on my clothes. Guess, I'm going to be continually pleasantly surprised if I can't keep remembering. That's a shame then.


After reading a couple of posts this morning on the forums from people talking about motivational tactics and before and after photos, I though that I'd really like to get some professional photos done when I reach goal. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  • It'll be a great reward experience for me - non-food based, pampering, and me being the centre of attention in a nice way.

  • The photos will be something I can be proud of, a constant reminder of my achievement (in the face of my usual tendency to get bored and wander off leaving things uncompleted), and a great motivator to stay looking that way. I've had professional photos done before, and it was a lovely day - had hair and make-up done for us, and then a private session with a professional photographer in a closed studio. The results were lovely (if pricey), but however much I liked the photos, I was still overweight!!!! It would be really nice to see me at my full potential, for want of a better way of putting it.

So that's one idea. The other one, I just got from Bryher's blog post for the day, where she's talking about a parachute jump she's thinking of doing for charity. I love the idea of going and trying something that I couldn't do before, either because I lacked the confidence, or was literally unable to because of a weight restriction. I'd love to do a parachute jump, or maybe parascending off the mountains in France, or a surfing holiday. Lots of possibilities - it's exciting just thinking about them!!!

What are you guys going to do for rewards?


Finally, I've been looking into the idea of starting my own proper website. I've been toying with this idea for a bit, as I want to host all my photos up online somewhere safe in case of accidents, and also to put together photo galleries of my progress on this weight loss mission. I'd also like to set up a gallery of my dad's art on line (he's a semi-professional artist - retired now, but still happily dabbling), and generally just spread my wings to do what I want to do. I'd keep the blog going, but possibly move it over to the site. Or not, depending on whether I think anyone I know would see it lol. My friends and family know I'm losing weight, but they don't know I blog (well, they do, but they don't know where), and I'm not sure I'd want them reading this. Weeeelll - if it ever gets off the ground I'll let you know!

Have a good day!!

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Enigmanda said...

Completely forgetting that I tried on the black jeans last week and they now fit absolutely fine round the waist and need a belt.I do that all the time....My combat trousers, that I couldn't even get up my thighs, now fit perfectly with some room to spare.
The downside is that alot of my clothes now look TOO big. *sigh*