Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Let me count the ways in which I ache


As my body ominously promised me last night, I have now developed into one full body ache. Nice. That'll teach me to go off and do new things. Or more precisely, that will teach me to give up Body Pump over a year ago and not go back until now. It's like post-personal training ache, but more all-pervasive. Hopefully it will wear off over the next couple of weeks - not sure I want to feel like this every Tuesday!

Although actually, I sneakily feel quite proud of the ache in a masochistic sort of way.

My new jeans in a shiny size 16 are also hanging on the front of the wardrobe now, with their big proud size tag to remind me what I'm trying to achieve at the moment.

In the spirit of having fun whilst keeping the '09 Healthy Challenge™ alive and kicking, Jo and I have decided that we're going to spend Saturday afternoon scampering round in the tree-tops of the Wyre Forest at Go Ape. This will be the third Go Ape course I've done, and it will be quite nice not to have to worry quite so much about the climbing harness's ability to circumnavigate the vast distances of my arse and thighs this time. I've no doubt that, as on previous occasions, we'll end up very muddy and with knickers full of tree-bark (from the zip-line landings), but that's all part of the fun. If there's any good pics, I'll put them up on here.

Finally, I must just express my new-found undying love for Boots. I wandered in at lunch to go and get something to eat as I didn't have anything at home today, and I was gutted to see that there was virtually nothing left in the Shapers range which is my Weight Watchers-safe fall back - arrrrgh - alarm - panic!!! In a whirl of indecision, I picked up a tomato and basil chicken pasta salad from the Delicious range, thinking "well, if I'm going to totally bust the points, at least it will taste good!" I tentatively put the points into the calculator when I got back to the office, and hallelujah!!! It's only 6.5 points for the whole bowl full!! I had to check the numbers to make sure I'd put it in right. And it tasted great. Thank you Boots - you have made me a happy girl.

I officially love Weight Watchers - I've had a bacon sandwich for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch, and I've still got 8 points left for dinner. Mwah!!! Big kiss to WW's :o)

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