Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Having my cake and eating it.

I ate the chocolate cheesecake last night. Actually, ate would be the wrong word. I savoured every tiny, little mouthful of it - the pure rush of sugar, the bitter sweet tang of the chocolate, the smoothness of the cheese top against the rich sugary crumblyness of the base, and the juicy sweetness of the strawberries sliced up on the side. And it was worth it. Every. Damn. Point.


So that was my treat for the week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also cunningly fed the other slice to Bridget, so that's it; all gone and no temptation left. She was laughing that it took me 20 mins to eat my slice though - now that's stretching out the moment! It's back to the healthy food now, which is fine by me - the fridge is stock with loads of lovely fresh veg, strawberries, meringues, natural yoghurt and fruit compote, good lean meat and fish, and while it may not be cheesecake, it all tastes good in it's own right.

Since Body Pump didn't cripple me on Monday, I just managed to squeeze in a run before Bridget got to me yesterday evening, and I was really pleased with how it went. And I mean really pleased. I ran the first 15 mins straight off the bat!! No stops, no walking, just relentless steady jogging. I can't remember ever running that long before without a break. I just felt good and strong and there didn't seem any point in stopping. Ok, so the little hills were a bugger and hard work, but the blessed relief when you make it to the top and you feel like you're floating on the flat bits makes up for it. I think maybe I see where the running converts are coming from.

I did take a short break at 15 mins - not because I was tired, which I was although not dead, but just because there was another little hill and I thought if I walk part of that and catch my breath, I'm good to go the rest of the way back home without stopping. So I walked, although not as far as I thought I would, then soldiered on home in one go.

I'm undeniably proud of myself, although I suspect that not every run will be that good, and I have to promise myself now that if I break earlier on my next run I won't be upset.

On a separate note - in an effort to keep this blog focused on my weight loss, I'm splitting my blogging - weight loss on here, and general life on t'other one I've just started. So apologies if this one gets boring while the general drama goes on elsewhere!

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