Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I swear to God those scales are trying to scramble my brain. Having weighed in on Monday to a lovely little 2lb gain, I stepped on this morning to see a 4-5lb loss. WTF????

In 2 days? Are you kidding me???

I don't think I will ever truly understand the workings of my body, since I've been quite happily eating like a pig the last couple of days, although all safely in my points, and haven't done a scrap of exercise apart from having a full-blown hissy fit or two at work due to stress. I fully expect the scales to bounce again slightly before the end of the week, but I have to confess it was lovely to see the numbers starting with a 14 this morning instead of a 15 - even if I'm not really there just yet.

In other news - I've rediscovered fish!!!! Or more specifically, the loveliness of fresh salmon. Luckily for me, my friend Bridget is a gem, as I got home from work last night late and in the foulest mood possible, to find her sitting on my drive already waiting for me (we have our regular girly night on a Tues, and stupid work held me up waaaaaay later than expected), and having spotted my less than sunny disposition, she gave me a big hug and packed me off into the living room to chill while she cooked dinner. What an absolute gem!

Have finally got my car back from the garage this morning (after just two weeks - how quick!!! Grrrrr), so I stuck two fingers up to work (metaphorically speak of course) (although actually you should have heard the swearing from my desk yesterday - soooooo undignified lol) and mooched into work about 10.30 once I'd got it all sorted. Today looks like it could still go the way of yesterday - i.e. down the toilet, but at least I'm happily munching on the sweet chilli chicken and salad wraps I actually had time to make this morning. I hearby vow that I will not let anyone get on my nerves enough today to make me start swearing like a Tourettes sufferer again.

Spinning tonight, so can look forward to a good release for pent-up aggression / frustration, plus extremely cheesey music and banter (yep - the banter will be cheesey too).

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